Asmamaw Setegen

ASMAMAW-SETEGN-20112011 Age 22 Years

Asmamaw is studying Law at Bahir Dar University. He didn’t get support from us in his first year and was on the point of giving up when he was accepted for our support. He has now successfully completed his second year with a score of 2.81 out of a possible 4.

During the year he had Malaria. (Bahir Dar is a danger area for this). Our money meant that he could access medical help and he was able to return to his studies.

In his words: “Hadn’t I got the chance in your foundation, I wouldn’t continue my education.”

It has been agreed to continue his monthly payment of 600 Birr with 2 performance related bonuses, paying up to 400 Birr each.