Asmamaw Setegen

ASMAMAW-SETEGN-20102010 Aged 21 years

Asmamaw is from a poor family in a rural area close to Lalibela. His parents are old and have no money to support his education. He supported himself throughout his schooling by teaching younger children. Last year he successfully gained a place at Bahir Dar University to study Law. He is interested in the Arts and writes poetry in his spare time.

I met Asmamaw for the first time in September 2009 when he came to ask for help from the scholarship fund. His application was too late and I advised him to take up the place at University and try to manage.

I met him again in January when he came to say he would need to give up the course. My friend Maureen’s brother, Billy Dunn, had sent money over with Maureen. This meant I was able to give him a little money to help him through semester 2. He has paid me back by scoring 3.5 out of a possible 4 in his examinations.

He has now returned to Bahir Dar for year 2 of his course. I am pleased to say that he has been selected for support from the fund this year. It has been agreed to give him 600 Birr (£30) per month for the year. There will also be two, performance related, incentive bonuses, paying up to 600 Birr each.