Destaw Temesgen

DESTAW-TEMESGEN-20152105 Age 24

Destaw has graduated with a BSc in Civil Engineering with Distinction

He has been doing contract work in Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian Roads Authority sponsor clever young engineers to do a masters degree. Destaw has made application and will hear in February whether, or not, he has been accepted. If he is accepted, his fees will be paid but he would need help towards his living expenses.

Adane Akanie

ADANE-AKANIE-20152015 Age 27

Adane has graduated with a BSc in Agriculture and Rural Extension

Adane is interested in setting up his own chicken rearing farm.

As good chicken is not presently available in Lalibela, Ben Abeba Restaurant is happy to support him in this venture.

He is working on his Business Plan and will then look for funding to set up his business.

Besfat Bisset

BESFAT BISSET 20142014 Age 23 years

BA in Languages from Dilla University

Besfat now has his degree, thanks to our support in his final year.

He continues with his dream to become a journalist. For the present, he is in full time employment as a manager with a beer distribution company.


Muluye Abebe Amlaku

MULUYE ABEBE AMLAKU 20132013 Age 22 years

Muluye has graduated with a
BA in Cooperatives (Accounting and Auditing) with distinction from Hawassa University

Muluye now has employment with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and is presently based in Dessie.

He wrote to me asking that I pass on his thanks to everyone who has helped him in his achievement. It would have been impossible for him to reach this level without the financial support from the fund.

Getenet Biru

graduates-2012Diploma 4, Tour Guiding
Vocational School, Lalibela

Getenet Biru has graduated from the vocational school in Lalibela with a Diploma 4 in tour guiding. He won the prize for the top student in the year. He is interested in using this qualification as entrance to University and has been advised to work for one year and then apply for support with this, if he is still interested.

Getanu Getnu

graduates-2012Diploma 3, Textiles
Vocational School, Lalibela

Getanu has graduated from the vocational school in Lalibela with a diploma 3 in textiles. He is setting up a traditional weaving loom at Ben Abeba restaurant, where he will give demonstrations to tourists and, hopefully, have a market place for his produce.