Continuing Undergraduates 2022

Continuing Undergraduates 2018

20 of our continuing students are in the University system this year.

It has been agreed that all these students will get a monthly payment of 700 birr with 2 performance related bonuses paying up to 400 birr each.

Continuing Students 2017

We have 10 continuing students still in the school system.

All the students are supported with 600 birr per month.

Getachew Zemene

2016 Aged 21

Habtamu, from the committee, gave Getachew a lift into Lalibela and heard all his problems. Habtamu suggested that he apply for support.

He is from Erfa. His father died when he was 10 and his mother struggles to survive. He has had to fight to stay in the education system as his mother wants him back home to work on the land.

He has an ambition to be an engineer. He is in grade 10 and was 2nd. in his class. He was successful in gaining a place in grade 11 and our support has meant he can accept the place.

It has been agreed to support him with 600 Birr per month.