Fund Report 2013

The 2013/2014 scholarship students pictured with Tefera, the chairman of the Lalibelan committee.

The photograph was taken at the annual student meeting in September 2013. The meeting gives the students an opportunity to network, with the older students being able to give support to the younger ones.

We are now into year 5 of the scholarship fund and it is time for an annual report.

In 2012/2013, we supported 18 young people in various stages in the education system. They have continued to pay us back by working hard and achieving good results. I am pleased to say that there has been no ‘drop outs’ this year. The main reason for this is the careful screening of applicants given by the Lalibelan committee. This ensures that the young people we help are those with the greatest need. They are all very grateful for the support, without which they would not be able to remain in the education system. I am constantly receiving their thanks, when the thanks are due to all of you.

In 2012/2013 the equivalent of £6,092 has been distributed to the students.

Thank you to Hamilton Bridge Club, which is responsible for the setting up of the fund. Their annual tournament again topped up the money in the bank. Thanks to all those who have set up a standing order, and paid money regularly into the account. Thanks to everyone who has made donations throughout the year. Thanks to the visitors to Lalibela who have given money in support.

Sheena McCall deserves a special thank you. She has supplied 2 computers for the students, which have been given to Fiker and Destaw. Both boys are now in their 4th. year studying engineering and were being disadvantaged by the lack of a computer.

To everyone, please accept my thanks on behalf of the young people here. You are all making such a difference to their lives and their ambitions for the future.

The scheme could not run without the support of the 2 committees. All the members give their time, and expertise, without any payment. Maureen, in Scotland, has resigned from the committee and we thank her for all the support she has given over the years. Morag MacDonald has agreed to take her place on the Scottish committee. Mamo has resigned from the Lalibelan committee and we also give him our thanks. Tsegenet has agreed to replace him on the committee.

In May this year the Scottish committee were successful in registering the fund as a Scottish charity. We are now Scottish charity number SCO44015. This will mean that we can claim gift aid from donations made. Once we have sorted this out with the Inland Revenue, we will send out the information. Thanks to June and Margaret for their work in making this possible.

Four of our young people graduated this year and are not now being supported by the fund. Due to everyone’s generosity, we have been able to add 8 new young people to the programme. This means that we will be supporting 22 young people during 2013/2014.

SASF-logoIt is difficult to find the words to describe the difference this money is making to the lives of these young people. Please accept my thanks for remembering us out here and for your continual support.

Muluye Abebe Amlaku

MULUYE ABEBE AMLAKU 20132013 Age 22 years

Muluye has graduated with a
BA in Cooperatives (Accounting and Auditing) with distinction from Hawassa University

Muluye now has employment with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and is presently based in Dessie.

He wrote to me asking that I pass on his thanks to everyone who has helped him in his achievement. It would have been impossible for him to reach this level without the financial support from the fund.

Continuing Undergraduates 2013

10 of our continuing students are in the University system this year. The main reason for this is that we are now in our 5th year and our students are working hard, succeeding and moving on.

As all our students are from very poor backgrounds, often with illiterate parents, their success is amazing. They all have a thirst for education and will hopefully have a future very different from that of their parents.

It has been agreed that all these students will get a monthly payment of 600 birr with 2 performance related bonuses paying up to 400 birr each.

Ashenafi Yiman

ASHENAFI YIMAN 20132013 Aged 14 years

Ashenafi’s father died when he was a baby. He lives in Lalibela with his mother who is unemployed and is not in good health. There is no money available to support his education.

Ashenafi is in grade 8 this year and, without our support, may not be able to graduate to grade 9 next year.

It has been agreed to give him a payment of 300 birr per month with 2 performance related payments of up to 250 birr each.

Besfat Bisset

BESFAT BISSET 20132013 Age 22 years

Besfat was born in a rural area outside Lalibela. His parents are illiterate.

He has already completed 2 years at Dilla University where he is studying languages. He has ambition to become a journalist.

Since he was in grade 6 he has managed to continue in the education system by working in a café. In Dilla he works as a waiter in a night club. He is finding it increasingly difficult to continue with his education and has asked for our support.

It has been agreed to give him a monthly payment of 600 birr + 2 performance related bonuses of up to 400 birr each.

Birhan Tesfaye Fikade

BIRHAN TESFAYE FIKADE 20132013 Aged 20 years

Birhan is the youngest of 5 children and was born and brought up in a rural area 42 km. outside Lalibela. His parents and his older brothers and sisters are illiterate.

He completed his primary education in the countryside against the wishes of his family. It was expected that he would do subsistence farming like the others. Against the family wishes, he came to Lalibela for his secondary education. He managed to get work in a tourist gift shop. He got no pay but was given bed and food. This let him complete his secondary education.

This year he has gained a place at Jimma University to study Business and Economics.

It has been agreed to give him a monthly payment of 600 birr + 2 performance related bonuses of up to 400 birr each.

Desta Megistu Tadie

DESTA MENGISTU TADIE 20132013 Age 18 years

Desta lives in Lalibela. Her parents are poor farmers and are divorced.

As the school is only for half a day, she survives by working as a labourer for half a day and attending school the other half day.

She is now in grade 9 and it has been agreed to give her a payment of 300 birr per month with 2 performance related payments of up to 250 birr each.

Habtamu Mesker Afliew

HABTAMU MESKER AFLIEW 20132013 Age 22 years

Habtamu has already completed 1 year at Axum University where he is studying Animal Science. He applied for our support as he was having to give up his studies due to lack of money.

His father died when he was a baby and he, and his sister, were brought up by their mother. She died when Habtamu was in grade 8. Since then they have lived with an uncle. The sister had to give up school and work as a servant in the house.

Habtamu would like to complete his university education and support his sister in returning to the education system.

It has been agreed to give him a monthly payment of 600 birr + 2 performance related bonuses of up to 400 birr each.

Yengusie Mekonen

YENGUSIE MEKONEN 20132013 Age 18 years

Yengusie’s family live in the countryside. She came into Lalibela to continue her education from grade 9. In Lalibela she lived with an Aunt and her family—all in 1 room.

Two Irish tourists met her in Lalibela and funded for her to rent a room of her own to help her study and succeed in her grade 12 national examinations. They also directed her apply for the scholarship fund.

Yengusie has been successful and is now in her first year at Axum University where she is studying engineering.

It has been agreed to give her a monthly payment of 600 birr + 2 performance related bonuses of up to 400 birr each.

Yeshimet Sete Zebegna

YESHIMET SETE ZEBEGNA 20132013 Age 18 years

Yeshimet is the youngest of 7 children. She lives with her family in Lalibela and is presently in grade 10 at school. Her family depend for their livelihood on subsistence farming and have no money to support her education.

It has been agreed to give her a payment of 300 birr per month with 2 performance related payments of up to 250 birr each.

If she succeeds in reaching grade 11next year, she has been promised continued support.

Yonas Gedamu Tesfaye

YONAS-GEDAMU-TESFAYE-20112013 Age 23 years

Yonas has now finished his fourth year of medicine at Gonder University. He is continuing to do exceptionally well in his studies and scored an average of 3.43 out of a possible 4.

He is now doing practical placements in the hospital in Gonder and is thoroughly enjoying the experience.

He will continue to get his payment of 1,500 birr per month.