Our Graduates 2016


Without the support from the scholarship fund, we would never have seen this day.

We are very grateful to all who have contributed.

You have given us a chance of a future and we will do our best to grasp it with both hands.

Continuing Undergraduates 2015

12 of our continuing students are in the University system this year. 9 of them are scheduled to graduate in July 2016 and we wish them every success.

As all our students are from very poor backgrounds, often with illiterate parents, their success is amazing. They all have a thirst for education and will hopefully have a future very different from that of their parents.

It has been agreed that all these students will get a monthly payment of 600 birr with 2 performance related bonuses paying up to 400 birr each.

Teshome Antachew Amare

TESHOME ANTACHEW AMARE 20142014 Age 21 years

Teshome is presently in his 4th. year of a Civil Engineering Degree at Addis Ababa University.
He applied for financial help to complete the last 2 years of his degree.

His parents are very poor and live in Lalibela town. They do not have the means to give him support.

Teshome is disabled as he only has the use of 1 hand. In spite of this, his determination has seen him to this stage.

It has been agreed to give him a monthly payment of 600 birr + 2 performance related bonuses of up to 400 birr each.