Continuing College Students 2018

8 of our students are at College this year.

2 of the students we supported at school, Lemleme and Mengustu, unfortunately did not achieve the required mark to move to University. They have both joined college and we will continue their support.

All the students will get 700 Birr per month.

Continuing Students 2017

We have 10 continuing students still in the school system.

All the students are supported with 600 birr per month.

Continuing Students 2016

We have 12 students still in the school system.

Continuing Students 2015

3 of our grade 10 students did not get a place in grade 11. This is the stage of a large cut off. There are approximately 3,000 students in grade 10 and 300 places in grade 11.

The 2 girls, Yeshimet Sete Zebegna  and Desta Mengistu Tadie, have decided not to join the further education college and have left the fund. We are delighted to have supported them to the level of grade 10 education, a level that many young girls don’t attain.

So this year we have 4 continuing students still in the school system.

Lemlem Shumeye

LEMLEM-SHUMEYE-20122012 Aged 14 years

As I said before, it is difficult to find young girls to support. It is still the case that many girls don’t access any education. Those who do are from families with a little money.

Lemlem was born in Yemerehan Kristos, 42 Km. from Lalibela. Her family live by subsistence farming. 6 years ago she moved to Lalibela to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother is very poor and they depend on sacks of grain being sent from the family when there is a good harvest.

Being in Lalibela has enabled Lemlem to access education. Last year, in grade 6, she scored an average of 83%. It has been agreed to give her a monthly payment of 500 birr + 2 performance related bonuses of up to 250 birr each.