Muluye Abebe Amlaku

MULUYE ABEBE AMLAKU 20132013 Age 22 years

Muluye has graduated with a
BA in Cooperatives (Accounting and Auditing) with distinction from Hawassa University

Muluye now has employment with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and is presently based in Dessie.

He wrote to me asking that I pass on his thanks to everyone who has helped him in his achievement. It would have been impossible for him to reach this level without the financial support from the fund.

Muluye Abebe Amlaku

MULUYE-ABEBE-AMLAKU-20122012 Aged 21 Years

Muluye is studying Business and Economics at Hawassa University. He scored an average of 2.91 out of a possible 4 in his second year and has now started the third year of his course.

It has been agreed to continue his monthly payment of 600 Birr with 2 performance related bonuses, paying up to 400 Birr each.