Continuing College Students 2018

8 of our students are at College this year.

2 of the students we supported at school, Lemleme and Mengustu, unfortunately did not achieve the required mark to move to University. They have both joined college and we will continue their support.

All the students will get 700 Birr per month.

Continuing College Students 2017

6 of our students are at College this year.

Tewolde was at Metu University last year but became unwell and left the course. At this point his support from us stopped. This year he has started a tour guiding course at the local college and is also doing a management course by distance learning. It has been agreed to restart his support.

All the students are supported with 600 birr per month.

Continuing Students 2016

We have 12 students still in the school system.

Getaye Belay Kassawu


Getaye lived in the countryside 30km from Lalibela. A number of years ago both his parents were killed during a thunder storm. After this he moved into Lalibela.

He survives by working as a labourer and has tried to keep up with his schoolwork at the same time.

He did well in the grade 10 national exams and now has a place in grade 11. It has been agreed to support him with 600 Birr per month.