Yonas Gedamu Tesfaye

YONAS-GEDAMU-TESFAYE-20112013 Age 23 years

Yonas has now finished his fourth year of medicine at Gonder University. He is continuing to do exceptionally well in his studies and scored an average of 3.43 out of a possible 4.

He is now doing practical placements in the hospital in Gonder and is thoroughly enjoying the experience.

He will continue to get his payment of 1,500 birr per month.

Yonas Gedamu Tesfaye

YONAS-GEDAMU-TESFAYE-20112011 Age 21 years

Yonas is from a small village outside Lalibela. Many children in the village still don’t access education. Yonas, against all odds, is now studying medicine at Gondar University. He has just completed second year and has scored an amazing 3.7 out of a possible 4. He is now in his third year and his dream is becoming a reality, thanks to our support.

He has found it difficult to manage this year on 600 Birr per month and both committees have agreed to make him an exception and up his monthly payment to 900 Birr. He will also receive two performance related bonuses of a possible 400 Birr each.

Yonas Geamu

yonas-gedamu2009 Age 19 years

Yonas has elderly parents who are unable to work and are therefore unable to support. He completed grade 12 this year and was the top student in Lalibela. He has been allocated a place at Gonder University to study medicine, and our support means that he can take up this place.

It has been agreed to give him 900 Birr every month (£45), with an incentive bonus of 600 Birr on successful completion of semester 1, and another 600 Birr on successful completion of first year.