Fund Report 2017

The scholarship fund was set up in 2009 and supported 10 students to remain in the education system. During the 8 years we have supported 76 students. 21 have successfully completed with a University degree, 5 now have a Diploma and 4 have completed grade 10 in the education system, which would otherwise have been impossible for them. This September, at our annual student meeting, we invited all past and present students. It was an excellent meeting where our graduate students, now in employment, spoke of their experiences and gave strong words of encouragement to those still in the education system. It was rewarding to see so many, successful, young people, very grateful for the opportunity we have been able to give them.

Please excuse the cap and gown. They awarded me a doctorate of something— this really belongs to all of you who give the support.

In 2016/2017, we supported a total of 44 students and paid to them the equivalent of £15,000.

On behalf of all the students we are helping, I thank everyone who has donated to the fund.

Thanks to the Lilly Foundation for their generous donation to the scholarship fund.

Special thanks are due to those who have spent time and energy organising fund raising activities. Doris Hogan, in Belgium, yet again organised a very successful fund raising event. Prestwick Bridge Club organised their first fund raising event and I was lucky to spend a very enjoyable afternoon there.
Special thanks also to Sarah Johnson, in America, who funded for some of our students to have their own computer.

Many thanks to our committees, June, Margaret and Morag in Scotland and Tefera, Habtamu and Teshale in Ethiopia. They all contribute their time to ensure the smooth operation of the fund.


You can download the full SASF Fund Report 2016-2017 as a PDF for printing or offline viewing

Continuing Undergraduates 2017

23 of our continuing students are in the University system this year.

It has been agreed that all these students will get a monthly payment of 600 birr with 2 performance related bonuses paying up to 400 birr each.

Continuing College Students 2017

6 of our students are at College this year.

Tewolde was at Metu University last year but became unwell and left the course. At this point his support from us stopped. This year he has started a tour guiding course at the local college and is also doing a management course by distance learning. It has been agreed to restart his support.

All the students are supported with 600 birr per month.

Continuing Students 2017

We have 10 continuing students still in the school system.

All the students are supported with 600 birr per month.

Mulugeta Seteye

2017 Aged 20

Mulugeta is from a very poor family in the village of Dibuko. He is one of 8 children. His father is a farmer and, when young, he helped his father with the animals. There was no money to support his education and he moved to Lalibela in order to find work as a labourer. The money he made supported him and his education.

In the grade 10 national exams, he scored straight As and was awarded a certificate of very great distinction.  Teachers at the preparatory school helped him through grades 11 and 12 by giving him pens, paper and often buying him a cup of coffee or tea. He did well in the grade 12 national exams and is now studying engineering at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology.

It has been agreed to support him with 600 birr per month.

Mengistu Yiman

2017 Aged 17

Mengistu is from the village of Erfa, 35 Km from Lalibela. He is one of 7 children. His family are subsistence farmers. The reason I came to Ethiopia was to help start a school in the village of Erfa. Mengistu was a student in the very first grade 1. Without a school in the village, Mengistu probably wouldn’t have accessed any education and would have lived his life as a farmer. He is now in Lalibela, in grade 12, and hopes to go to university next year. He walks home every weekend and brings food back to keep him for the week.

He needs money to pay for a rent room while at school. It has been agreed to support him with 600 birr per month.

Birhanu Hailu Demissie

2017 Aged 18

Birhanu is from a small village called Debuko. His family are subsistence farmers and have no money to support him. He has gone through the school system by working as a labourer when not at school. In the grade 10 National exams, he scored straight ‘A’s and was awarded his certificate with ‘very Great Distinction’. He did exceptionally well in his grade 12 National exams and has now started studying Anaesthesia at Gonder University

Sefi Kelemu

2017 Aged 22

Sefi is from a village called Sorba which is 30 Km. from Lalibela. She is one of 6 children and has elderly, very poor, parents.

She completed her elementary education in Sorba. Her parents then wanted her to marry a local farmer that she didn’t know. Sefi did not want this and wanted to continue with her education. She therefore moved into Lalibela and has managed to complete grades 9,10, 11 and 12. Unfortunately she did not get a place at University.  She is now in her 2nd. year of nurse training at Medical College in Dessie