Fund Report 2019

Once again, we held a meeting in September 2019 and most of our students were able to attend. This gives the students a chance to meet, discuss and share their experiences.

We started with 46 students in September 2018. During the year 2 students left the programme. Mekonnen Chane got the opportunity to go to Canada and is now continuing his studies there. Unfortunately, Teddy W/Gabriel decided that university wasn’t for him and he left the programme. This meant that we supported 44 students throughout the year. The money distributed was £12,200.

9 students graduated from University and college this year. Yengusie successfully completed her degree in accounting in addition to the engineering degree she was awarded in 2018.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we have been able to accept 10 new students into the fund. This means we are supporting 45 students in 2019-2020. Please accept the grateful thanks of all the students. You are making a huge difference to the hopes and aspirations of these young people. We had great fun in May with Ben Fogle and the film crew. Ben spoke with 4 of our students, Dr Yonas, Yengusie, Yohannes and Lidia. I was hoping to show our starting point and what we hoped for their future. Unfortunately, it was not included in the programme. We set up a ‘just giving’ account in anticipation of the programme. In spite of them not being shown, more than £800 has been donated through the account. Many thanks to all who made a contribution.

The fund could not operate without the team of people who give their time to ensure the smooth operation. Many thanks to June, Margaret and Morag who keep everything running in Scotland and to Tefera , Habtamu and Teshale who look after everything in Ethiopia. Thanks also to Simon, in London, who donates his time and his computing skills to keep the website updated.


You can download the full SASF Fund Report 2018-2019 as a PDF for printing or offline viewing

If you are able to help us then please use our Just Giving fund raising account to contribute.