Birhanu Hailu Demissie

2017 Aged 18

Birhanu is from a small village called Debuko. His family are subsistence farmers and have no money to support him. He has gone through the school system by working as a labourer when not at school. In the grade 10 National exams, he scored straight ‘A’s and was awarded his certificate with ‘very Great Distinction’. He did exceptionally well in his grade 12 National exams and has now started studying Anaesthesia at Gonder University

Sefi Kelemu

2017 Aged 22

Sefi is from a village called Sorba which is 30 Km. from Lalibela. She is one of 6 children and has elderly, very poor, parents.

She completed her elementary education in Sorba. Her parents then wanted her to marry a local farmer that she didn’t know. Sefi did not want this and wanted to continue with her education. She therefore moved into Lalibela and has managed to complete grades 9,10, 11 and 12. Unfortunately she did not get a place at University.  She is now in her 2nd. year of nurse training at Medical College in Dessie

Samrawit Misgan

SAMRAWIT-MISGAN-20152015 Age 19

Samrawit is from a poor family in Lalibela.

She wanted to study nursing but was not accepted for university.

In September 2014, she joined the Kae-Med College of Nursing in Addis Ababa. She was finding it very difficult to pay the college fees and the Bude Methodist church agreed to give her support from February 2015.

She is now in her second year of study.