Abebe Salehu Weleargay

ABEBE-SALEHU-WELEARGAY-20102010 Aged 19 years

Abebe is one of 11 children from Shimsha which is 10 Km from Lalibela. His family are very poor and cannot support him in his education. He managed to support himself in lower school as there was only half- day attendance and he could work at labouring in the other half day.

Last year was a problem to him as he was in grade 11, which has full day attendance. In addition, he walked 10 Km. each way, every day, to get to school and back home. In spite of all his problems, he finished third in his class this year.

He is now in grade 12 and it has been agreed to give him support. He will get 500 Birr (£25) per month and two, performance related, incentive bonuses, paying up to 250 Birr each.

The money has enabled him to rent accommodation in Lalibela and concentrate on his studies.