Fund Report 2012

We are now into year 4 of the scholarship fund and it is time for an annual report.

In 2011/2012, we supported 16 young people in various stages in the education system. They have continued to pay us back by working hard and achieving good results. I am pleased to say that there has been no ‘drop outs’ this year. The main reason for this is the careful screening of applicants given by the Lalibelan committee. This ensures that the young people we help are those with the greatest need. They are all very grateful for the support, without which they would not be able to remain in the education system. I am constantly receiving their thanks, when the thanks are due to all of you.

In 2011/2012 the equivalent of £4,835 has been distributed to the students.

Thank you to Hamilton Bridge Club, which is responsible for the setting up of the fund. Their annual tournament again topped up the money in the bank. Thanks to all those who have set up a standing order, to pay money regularly into the account. Thanks to everyone who has made donations throughout the year. Thanks to the visitors to Lalibela who have given money in support.

To everyone, please accept my thanks on behalf of the young people here. You are all making such a difference to their lives and their ambitions for the future.

The scheme could not run without the support of the 2 committees. All the members give their time, and expertise, without any payment. Thank you to June, Margaret and Maureen in Scotland and to Tefera, Habtamu and Mamo in Lalibela.

My role here has been in ensuring that all the young people get their money every month. Those at University get it paid into their bank account. Those in Lalibela come to collect the money in cash. I feel it is now time to look at a system, which will operate without my direct involvement. The cahier at Ben Abeba restaurant, Tsegenet, has volunteered to take on my role in the system. Both committees have agreed that she will get paid 200 birr (approximately £7) per month for this work. I hope that you are all happy with this administrative payment being made.

Five of our young people graduated this year and are not now being supported by the fund. Due to everyone’s generosity, we have been able to add 7 new young people to the programme. This means that we will be supporting 18 young people during 2012/2013.

It is difficult to find the words to describe the difference this money is making to the lives of these young people. Please accept my thanks for remembering us out here and for your continual support.
For the first time we have young people moving into the category of ‘past’ students. In August, most of the students met for lunch at Ben Abeba restaurant. Congratulations were given to those completing their studies. Encouragement was given to those still in the system.