Fund Report 2017

The scholarship fund was set up in 2009 and supported 10 students to remain in the education system. During the 8 years we have supported 76 students. 21 have successfully completed with a University degree, 5 now have a Diploma and 4 have completed grade 10 in the education system, which would otherwise have been impossible for them. This September, at our annual student meeting, we invited all past and present students. It was an excellent meeting where our graduate students, now in employment, spoke of their experiences and gave strong words of encouragement to those still in the education system. It was rewarding to see so many, successful, young people, very grateful for the opportunity we have been able to give them.

Please excuse the cap and gown. They awarded me a doctorate of something— this really belongs to all of you who give the support.

In 2016/2017, we supported a total of 44 students and paid to them the equivalent of £15,000.

On behalf of all the students we are helping, I thank everyone who has donated to the fund.

Thanks to the Lilly Foundation for their generous donation to the scholarship fund.

Special thanks are due to those who have spent time and energy organising fund raising activities. Doris Hogan, in Belgium, yet again organised a very successful fund raising event. Prestwick Bridge Club organised their first fund raising event and I was lucky to spend a very enjoyable afternoon there.
Special thanks also to Sarah Johnson, in America, who funded for some of our students to have their own computer.

Many thanks to our committees, June, Margaret and Morag in Scotland and Tefera, Habtamu and Teshale in Ethiopia. They all contribute their time to ensure the smooth operation of the fund.


You can download the full SASF Fund Report 2016-2017 as a PDF for printing or offline viewing