Getahun Fentaw Mequint

2016 Aged 23

Getahun is from Gelesot, 36 Km. from Lalibela. His parents are very poor subsistence farmers and there are 8 in the family.

Getahun lives in a rent home in Lalibela. In his free time he works as a labourer and does some teaching with other pupils in order to survive.

He was given an application form by Tefera, chairman of the Lalibela committee, and didn’t hand it in. When asked why not in, the school was wanting 50 birr to give him his results and he didn’t have 50 birr. Tefera gave him the money!

He passed grade 10 with great distinction and was first in his class in grade 11. He is now in grade 12.

It has been agreed to support him with 600 Birr per month.