Adane Akanie

adane-akane2009 Age 19 years

Adane is one of 6 children. His family are farmers. His performance at elementary school was excellent and he progressed to secondary school 3 years ago. He was ranked number 1 in grade 9. During grade 10, his mother died and, as his father is old, this put a lot of pressure on him to support the family.

His results in the grade 10 National exam were not good enough to let him progress to grade 11. Last year he joined the Vocational school in Lalibela to study Surveying. He had to drop out as he did not have enough money to pay the fees, or to live. ( I do not have the price of my mouth!) He resat the National exam this year and has obtained high enough marks to go to teacher training college and study for a Diploma in teaching.

It has been agreed to give him 900 Birr every month (£45), with an incentive bonus of 600 Birr on successful completion of semester 1 and another 600 Birr on successful completion of first year.