Mebratu Tsehaynew

MEBRATU-TSEHAYNEW-20092009 Age 19 years

Mebratu’s family live in a village about 30 Km. from Lalibela. His parents are farmers and are illiterate. He is the second of 10 children. His older brother scored high enough grades to further his education, but dropped out as there was no money to support. The parents would like Mebratu to leave school, get married and become a farmer.

Mebratu is determined to succeed. Last year he was successful in getting a place in grade 11 and has managed to complete this, finishing in 22nd. place out of 200 students.

During term time, he stays with a relative in Lalibela. As the relative is very poor, he asked for money to pay rent and to buy food. His ambition is to go to University next year and study Computer Science. It has been agreed to give him 500 Birr every month (£25), with an incentive bonus of 500 Birr on successful completion of grade 12.