Fiker Getnet

FIKER-GETNET-20102010 Age 20

Fiker is from a rural area, 40 Kilometres from Lalibela.

He is the youngest of a large family. He is obviously a very clever boy, but it was chance that let him enter the education system. Until he was 8 years old, he looked after the family’s animals. When he was 8, the judge in the area forced the family to send him to school.

Schooling has always been far from his home and the family have no money. Fiker has survived by teaching younger children. Throughout schooling, he has consistently produced excellent results. His father had gastric problems and as there was no money for medical help, he died this year. Fiker also has gastric problems, which means he has to spend money getting a variety of food. Fiker did well in the grade 12 National exams.

He wanted to study medicine, but has been allocated a place in Addis Ababa University to study electrical engineering. He is happy with this. It has been agreed to give him 600 Birr (£30) per month for the year. There will also be two, performance related, incentive bonuses, paying up to 600 Birr each.