Wubetu Biset Awoke

WUBETU-BISET-AWOKE-20102010 Aged 16

Wubeta’s father died when he was young. His mother was killed 2 years ago, by a thrown stone. His sister, aged 20, has been trying to keep the family together. There are 5 children in total. They live in a hut in Shimsha, which is 10 kilometres from Lalibela. Every day, Wubeta walks the 10 Km to school in Lalibela and the 10Km home to Shimsha.

The children would like to move to a house in Lalibela. Our support will let this happen.

Wubeta did not achieve the marks in the national exams to go to grade 11. It has, however, been agreed to support him at vocational school. He has started a tourism course. He will get 500 Birr (£25) per month and two, performance related, incentive bonuses, paying up to 250 Birr each.