Getanu Getnu

GETANU-GETNU-20112011 Age 19 Years

Getanu is studying textiles at the local vocational school. He has completed his first year with a mark of 30 out of a possible 32. Second year has started but, at the present time, there is no lecturer for textiles at the college. The director of the college is giving the students access to the room in order that they can practice. Hopefully, there will be a lecturer soon.

Getanu lives in Asheten, a mountain overlooking Lalibela. He has used some of his money to buy eucalyptus trees for the compound of his house. This will attract more rain. He has also bought, and is looking after, 2 sheep.

It has been agreed to continue his support of 500 Birr per month for a second year with 2 performance related bonuses, paying up to 250 Birr each.