Mebratu Tsehaynew

MEBRATU-TSEHAYNEW-20102010 Age 20 years

Mebratu has now successfully completed grade 12. In his report of the year, he says that the £25 per month we have given him has allowed him to live a ‘luxurious life’. ‘Luxurious’ is not as we understand! I know that the money has been used to rent a room in Lalibela and that one of his sisters, and a school friend, have also been staying there, at no cost. The £25 has therefore been supporting 3 young people.

The money has enabled Mebratu to concentrate on his studies. Unfortunately, he did not get a high enough grade to be accepted to study Computer Science at University, which was his dream. He has, however, been given a place at Dessie University to study Computational Science (Maths and Sciences in addition to a teaching qualification). He is very happy with this. It has been agreed to give him 600 Birr (£30) per month for the year. There will also be two, performance related, incentive bonuses, paying up to 600 Birr each.