Tarko Naguse

TARKO-NAGUSE-20092009 Age 19 years

Tarko is from a very poor farming background. The family are unable to support his education. In addition to his studies, he has worked as a labourer to earn enough money to live.

He was 8th. in his class in grade 9 with an average of 65%. Unfortunately his results in the National exams for grade 10 were not good enough to let him progress to grade 11.

It has been agreed to allocate him 500 Birr per month (£25) on 2 conditions. He must enrol and attend a one year course at vocational school. He must resit the grade 10 national exams next June. If he successfully completes the year and gets high enough grades to progress to grade 11 next year, he will be given a bonus of 500Birr.